Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do - over

Today I woke up grouchy. Hearing my 2 year old Elizabeth say it made me even grouchier. I was an awesome mom. There were alot of tears, most of them mine. I'm was glad when I heard Charlotte say, 'Mom, we can have a do - over, right?' . Thank the stars for the do - over!

Thursday, December 01, 2011


She's here! Well, she has been here for quite some time now. I'm just finally getting around to writing about the event.

Look at those cheeks! And the hair!

10:00am I went in for a doctor's appointment. I had hit the 39 week mark. After 5 pluss weeks of having serious contractions I made the desicion to have my membranes stripped. I figured . . .hey what the heck, Dr. O's already up in lady-town checking out how things are, he may as well get things going. The good doctor had reported that I was dilated to 3 cm and 80% effaced when I gave him the directions to strip the membranes. He paused, looked at me and said "Don't kick me in the face while I do this, it's going to hurt." Oh my, it DID. With El Bambina I hadn't even noticed it had happened. This time there was no question about it.

I left with the info I was closer to 4 cm dialated and to call if the contractions got any stronger and closer. Now folks, alot of you are going to say "What the %&*$$9!!" at this next admission.

I left and drove home. 35 miles away. From the Doctor. 35 miles away. From the closest hospital. 35 miles people!
Crazy town is where I was at.

Noon I picked up El Bambina from a friends house. We picked up some lunch. Then headed to the park to meet with some other moms and kids for Park Day (this is a sacred day of the week for the toddler). I sat and chatted with the moms while the kids ran around like wild things. I hoped that E.B. would get all her energy out and be ready for a nap. I knew that I needed one ASAP.

After about an half an hour I realized I was having contractions. REAL contractions. I rounded up my wild thing, told the moms I would probably not be seeing them the next week and drove myself home. Driving myself around while in labor seems to be a re-occuring theme for me.

1:00pm Thankfully E.B. was maxxed out and went down easily for a nap. I rested on the couch for a while and timed the contractions. They were 7 minutes apart. I figured it was time to get El Senor home, since he was more than an hour away.

2:30pm El Senor arrived home. We talked about our plan of action. I was still only having contractions every 7 minutes or so. I checked with the hospital and the nurse felt I was good to stay at home for another while.

I closed my eyes for a few minutes and tried to rest. Then I called my friend Tricia who was gonig to take care of E.B. and put her on alert. I then suggested to El Senor that he take a nap.

E.B. was now awake and wanted to go outside. (Outside is her great mecca, all day every day that is all she wants to do...go outside!) I decided to comply with her request. I figured this was our last Party of 2 Play Date.

I was getting emotional as I realized that my first born was going to be getting a very big suprise when she realized she was not the only kid on the block. Did you feel that? As if you were suddenly ruining everything for your first child by having a second? The irrational fear that you were somehow damaging their perfect world? I have to say, being in labor does not a sane woman make. Every crazy thought I had ever had was now swirling through my head and being magnified.

Moving on.

3:30pm E.B. and I headed out doors. Glorious. What a beautiful day it was! She wore a pair of darling jeans and I striped shirt. I was in my favorite pair of cut off sweats. We both wore our crocs I decided to walk around the block to see if the contractions would get closer together.

I never want to forget how sweet that little walk around our neighborhood was.

E.B. pushed one of her baby dolls along in her small purple stroller, her bright blond hair looked like a halo fluffing out around her head. She was rumpled and flushed from her nap. And a little grubby from being at the park. I remember stopping with her to pick up a rock. As I admired it I inhaled her sent. . . she smelled like sweet little girl and dirty puppy all rolled together. We waved to our neighbors. We stopped and chatted with my aunt and uncle. E.B. was slipped a roll of smarties. We slowlly continued on our way. Slowly, slowly as she explored and my contractions grew closer together.

We returned home and E.B. jumped on the trampoline, went down the slide and climbed up and down the stairs. I sat and called encouragement and tried to memorize the moment. The air was warm and golden. I tried to relax and call up all my womanly powers for the hours ahead. The contractions were now coming 4 to 5 minutes apart. Finally I told E.B. we needed to go find Daddy.

4:30pm We were all loaded into the car (El Senor was driving this time) and heading to drop of E.B. to our friend's house for the night. E.B. was confused as to why she was at Tricia's house so late, but was ready to run around with her friends. I gave her one last fierce squeeze and gave her to Tricia. El Senor and I loaded ourselves back into the Suby and headed for the hospital.

As we hit I-15 I was staring to feel the pain. I had put it on hold while taking care of E.B. There was now no denying that I was hurting. I had been telling El Senor that I wanted to do this without an epidural for almost 10 months. Now as I lay there sweating and swept up in pain I told him to toss that plan. I felt that after 5 weeks of being uncomforatble and often in pain was enough. I had paid my dues and wanted an epidural STAT.

5:00pm We arrived at the hospital. As we started to get out of the car I asked El Senor to give me a blessing. I knew as he spoke the words over me that everything was going to be OK. Although I was still physically in pain, I could feel my emotional worries melting away. We slowly made our way into the hospital. The contractions were now 2-3 minutes apart and intense.

Imagine our suprise as we entered the lobby to be greeted by a blue-hair convention. I'm still not sure what they were there celebrating, but there was wine involved. As we crossed the lobby one of the little old ladies asked us if we were there to attend a lamaze class. When we told her no, we were there to have a baby a loud cheer went up from the group. It's amazing the noise that more than fifty grannies can make.

5:30pm We were checked in and I was being monitored. The baby's heart beat was strong and the contractions were regular. After being on the monitor for 30 minutes the nurse unhooked me so I could move around. I still hadn't gotten the epidural. During our drive El Senor had talked me down and kept telling me I could do it! I didn't need the epidural.

6:30pm Wow. WOW!! The contractions were less than 2 minutes apart. At this point I was demanding the anesthesioligiost be paged. I had decided pain was over rated and I didn't want any part of it. El Senor kept up his part of the deal and kept talking me down from the crazy place telling me over and over "You can do this!" Dr. O had been in and checked me. I was 6 cm dialated and fully effaced. He said that he could break the waters and things would progress faster. I decided not to go that route. I wanted things to go as naturally as possible.

7:30pm No more! No more I said. I looked into El Senor's eyes between contractions. I clearly stated the following "I know I can do this without the epidural. I'm telling you I don't want to. Please, please get the anesthesiologist here."

8:15pm Ahhhhhhh relief. I had been in labor for 8 hours and finally, the pain was gone. The people with needles are miracle workers. I am sure there is a special place in heaven for them. I felt better, in fact, I felt great. Dr. O came in a checked me again, I was still at 6 cm so he went ahead and broke the waters. No longer in pain I was able to take a nap. Blessed sleep.

10:00pm The nurse came in to check on our progress. I had been sleeping on my left side. I rolled to my back, she said that I was now dialated to 8 cm. As she helped me roll to my right side, suddenly the monitors started beeping (in that scary, your in a bad episode of Grey's kind of way). The nurse's face became very still as she read the monitors. She quickly had me roll back to my left side and stated "We're having this baby now". She called Dr. O and started prepping everything.

El Senor had stepped out of the room for just a minute while all of this happened. He returned to a flurry of activity as people were rushing in and out getting things ready. After everything was calming down I told the nurse "I'm only dialated to an 8...I can't push out a baby!" Yes, she said, you can and you will.


The doctor arrived, my legs were up in stirrups and he told me I was fully dialated to a 10 and that the baby's head was crowning. I told him there was no way I could push, I had absolutely no sensation from the epidural. It hadn't had time to wear off at all. He assured me that I could still push. Looking at the monitor they told me when I was having a contraction.

10:30pm Push! Push! Push! She was here! That quickly. One contraction and 3 pushes and our beautiful little girl arrived.

Please help us welcome our beautiful daughter, LizzieBeth.
Born October 20th 2011 at 10:31pm
Weighing 8lbs 4oz and measuring 21 inches

Did I mention the cheeks on this little one?

Happy big sis with the new baby.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Mentally I was ready to pop this baby out yesterday. Physically my body has been working on that for almost 4 weeks now. At 34 weeks I had to go to the hospital for preterm labor. Since my sis-in-law had recently delivered her little girl at 32 weeks, we were understandably worried.

Thankfully, the early contractions were managed with medication and laying on the couch most of the day. Figure out how that works with an over-active, home-destroying, feed-me-now toddler. At 36 weeks awesome Dr O. took me off the medication and said "What happens now is what happens, the baby is far enough along we won't try to stop labor." So the minimal contractions went right back to being consistent and all day long (when I say all day long, imagine 4-5/hour and you start to get the picture).

Fast forward 2 weeks and still waiting.

Now, now you may be thinking...your poor sister went 41+ weeks before she had her little peanut. It could be much, much worse. Or even, at least you didn't have a baby so early that you had to leave her in the NICU for weeks on end.

And I totally agree.

There are things that are much, much worse (I really, really need to stop doubling up on words to make my point). Anyhoo, back to much, much worse.

There are things that are much worse, and I know it. I'm tossing in the but here.....BUT all I can say is having contractions for weeks on end is not a picnic. Not all of them are painful, but they are tiring. And of course, being largely pregnant there is no rest for the weary. Thankfully there is a silver lining to this little story...well 2 really.

Silver Lining #1
El Bambina still naps in the afternoon.

If I'm exceptionally diligent and run her around all morning she takes a loooonnnngggg nap. Read here, 2-3 hours. Awesome. So I love tucking her into Mama and Daddy's bed where she snuggles down into Daddy's pillow, gets so comfy, then passes out for a good while. This lets me rest. Even if I'm not sleeping I can lay down next to her and just relax with my feet up for a few hours. Lovely.

Silver lining #2
This baby has to make an appearance at some point.

Against popular belief, babies do have to come out. I'm sure all you pregnant women, mothers etc. out there can understand, when you hit about 8 months along, the only question people ask you is "Oh, when are you due? Any day now right?" Apparently the masses have missed the most recent memo. Nine months is really 40 weeks. Let's do the math on that one. Ten months people, TEN MONTHS. Please hold the,when are you due question to at least the nine month mark. Believe me, I'm already counting the days, so every time you ask, it just reinforces the fact that yes, I am hugely pregnant. Thanks for the reminder.

So I am now imagining opening flowers, ripe fruit and anything else that has been suggested to me. I had foot reflexology done. I walk. I run after El Bambina (literally run, had to chase her down the road today, through 4 aisles at the grocery store, and sprint across the playground to save her from falling on her head from the monkey bars). I have involved El Senor in the "get baby out" game. So now I work on patience and wait.

With my luck it will be me at 41+ weeks here soon with no baby in sight.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


El Bambina is not really a bambina anymore. Unbelievably she is turning 2 this coming Sunday. Parents always say that the time with your children goes by so quickly, and it's true. I hope that it was the "time flies when you are having fun" variety vs. the "I haven't slept in 3 years" kind.

Enlighten me if you so desire.

EB has mastered a few new tricks of late. She has conquered the use of the words mine, no, and self. However, I am sure that she is by far above her peer group since she is able to count to 20, sing the ABC song by herself and is speaking in small sentences. She is also pretty keen on biting children smaller than herself, pushing all others that are bigger and exhibits hair envy by pulling the tresses of anyone that has more of it than she does.

Never fear, it only gets better.

I now think of her as Houdini. She takes off her shoes and pants without help. Has learned the secret of snaps and is constantly taking off her onesies. Oh, she still needs onesies you ask? Yes, because after the onesie layer is removed, off comes the diaper. She has a special run and giggle sequence that tips me off to the diaper removal every time. Then there is the piece de resistance that occured last night. She climbed out of her crib. In the dark.

All I can ask is, what's next?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Birthday

I finally got around to developing the baby's first birthday pictures. Yes...I said developed. I am still shooting on good old fashioned film. Living out in the middle of nowhere means I have to make an effort to get things done. Running to WalMart means driving 35 miles (not that I'm processing film, no, no).

So here are her 1st birthday pictures 4 months late. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Downfall

There was a time that I liked McDonald's. Not that I ate tehre frequently...but the occasional burger, fries and Coke was known to happen. Until Novemer 24th, 2001. I got a terrible case of food poisoning (is there ever a not a terrible kind?) that completely turned me off of eating there again. I have held true to that vow for over 10 years.

Enter today.

El Bambina has been suffering from a cold since last Friday. Beginning on Sunday she has basically stopped eating anything solid. I'm keeping her hydrated with plenty of water and juice, but being a nuerotic mother comes naturally to me. Today I devised a plan that no 16 month old toddler could possible resist. Chicken McNuggets and fries. She has apparently inherited my anti Mickey D's gene. She ate about 2 fries and 1/2 of a McNugget. Feeling the need not to waste I finished off the rest.

I have to say it may be another 10 years before I break down again and eat there.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few weeks ago we went to Salt Lake City to visit family, attend a wedding and for El Senor to meet with some business associates. While we were there we had a great time. El Senor and all the guys played golf non-stop for 3 days in the annual Bowler Open (I'm not making that up). While the men were out sweating on the links, the ladies and I took all the kiddies to Hogle Zoo.

A small tragedy occurred while we were there. No, El Bambina was not eaten by a lion. Somehow I managed to loose my camera. Alright, not really lost. Someone stole my camera. I am still sad that I don't have it around to snap pictures when the baby is being crazy. To make matters worse, I was the only one with a camera that day. So all the fun pictures we had taken of the kids and animals are now in the possession of some jerk that snagged my dinky camera that is only worth anything because it had my pictures on it. So, there is the story. We had fun, but someone else is now enjoying all of our memories (which is actually kind of creepy). So if you happen to see any pictures of the Bambina and myself with a giraffe, let me know where it is. I'm willing to track the thief down on the internet if needs be.

Thankfully I did bring my back up camera on the trip with me. One that uses film. Yeaaahhhh......old school. So were were able to take pictures of some of the other things we did as well as finally taking El Bambina's 9 month pictures. The little one is now 10 months (whoops!). I'm in slow mo when it comes to updating. It usually takes a call from Famous Amos telling me she needs to see pictures, pronto! So, enjoy part of our fun summer and the great vacation we had in SLC.

El Bambina at the July 4th celebration in Logandale.

Ma and Pa Bowler giving my poor arms a break.

El Bambina modeling the post-nap hair we call 'the chicken butt'.

El Senor failed to tell me that I looked like I hadn't slept
for over 2 weeks before he took the above pictures.

Click on this one and check out all of her little chompers, crazy!

All the above are El Babina's 9 month old pictures. We had a great afternoon at Liberty Park. The babe has a new facination with eating anything and everything she can get her little hands on. I have the new facination of watching her eat anything and everything she gets her little hands on. Grass and twigs are her favorite right now.

El Senor, Grampy and Joe looking dapper.
Grandma Tingey, Aunt Anna and El Bambina, pretty as a picture!

All the cousins, pretty in pink.